Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Notorious IBE by ROSCO Media

Rosco Media just uploaded this beautifully shot b-boys gems mere moments ago. Caught both of these while they're still under 20 views.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Maui Graced with Wheatpaste

Recently, some new wheatpaste pieces appeared on Maui's north shore, in Paia town. This collection of skulls, along with an owl, fit pretty nicely in this rustic town. Wheatpaste is fairly rare for Maui, let alone street art of this caliber. Here are the pieces I could find:

... and check out all the detail:

Photos by Brendan M Smith

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Shop Local, Shop Wailuku

Ashley from Maui Thing put this great video together featuring some local businesses from our block. It happens to also feature me acting like a moron. You hang out long enough at Requests, and it's bound to happen. Share this video by any means possible and help remind others to shop local this holiday season, and all year round.

Samoan Slaps Single Ladies

Sure, there were a lot of people trying their hand at Beyonce's Single Ladies moves. And, sure, some of them were funny, but this one might just take the cake- Samoan slap dance to Single Ladies!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mickey Avalon + Andre Nickatina Aloha Run Tour

Just posted the entire photo set from Mickey Avalon and Andre Nickatina Live @ Hard Rock Lahaina Maui, HI December 4, 2010

Genuinely concerned for the health of Mickey Avalon's thumb

Andre Nickatina bigging up Mac Dre or cocaine or "drugs n alcohol" or dealers... Really conscious hip hop.
Photos by Brendan M Smith
Click here to see the entire photo set!


Battle of the Year 2010 looked INSANE!



MUSIC by Kraddy http://www.facebook.com/kraddyodaddy

BBOYS featured:

Alcolil (Russia / Predatorz)
Ardit (Germany / TNT Crew)
Chakal (Algeria / Dziri Crew)
Hulk (Israel / Unstoppabullz)
Kid David (USA / Renegades & The Squadron)
Lil G (Venezuela / Speedy Angels)
Marcio (France / Legiteam Obstruktion)
Mounir (France / Vagabonds)
Morris (USA / Flexible Flave)
Noodle (Korea / Gamblerz)
Pélézinho (Brazil / Tsunami Allstars)
Ronnie (USA / Super Crew) - Ryoma (Japan / Mortal Kombat)
Thesis (USA / Knuckle Head Cali)
Cima (Italy)
Zerow (Greece)

Filmed by Yoram Savion & Kash Gaines.

Edited by Kash Gaines.


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