Tuesday, September 30, 2008

dyme def mixtape

Dyme Def coming out of Seattle.
produced, recorded and mixed by Bean One.
this mixtape has been out for a while now. but my boy shaun gave me the mixtape so i thought i would post it up. ups to you man!

Front cover

1. Intro
2. 3Badbrothaaas
3. ComeFollowMe
4. Super9ODS f. SS Fresh
5. MyNuts
6. RudeBoys
7. TheGameNeedsMe (rmx)
8. ToTheLimit
9. SwaggerJackin’
10. BringItBack f. OneBeLo
11. Journey f. Darrius Will Rich
12. FullOfMyself
13. TheShitsKnockin’
14. BrainsTheme
15. Juiced
16. Conscience
17. DontEverGo f. Choklate
18. WhatCanISay
19. IGotYou f. Young Buck

Download: Dyme Def Mixtape


Mary Jane

Photo: The Hundreds

"I have been sober since April this year and I have been smoking since... hmmmmm I forget, let me tell you though, It feels great to take a break and get your brain cells back in action but nothings better then being high as fuck. Looking at this picture makes me wanna smoke a fatty, take couple bong rips, eat some cookies naw mean? And for you motherfuckers that are stone and reading my blog right now, here's a couple tracks to ease that stress"


Rick James - Mary Jane

Curtis Vodka - Mary Jane


Here's a cool mix by London based dj/producer Leg-No entitled Hipster Boogie Mix. Featuring tracks from Amanda Blank, Kid Sister, Pase Rock, Lil Wayne and Sinden, Lets do the damn...


01. Kid Cudi - Whenever
02. Sir Michael of the Rocks - Im Mikey
03. Modeselektor - The Dark Side of the Sun
04. Example - DirtyFace
05. Kid Sister - Pro Nails (Soda and Suds Remix)
06. Tittsworth ft. Pase Rock & Kid Sister - WTF
07. Amanda Blank - Get It Now (Leif Remix)
08. P Diddy ft. Christina Aguilera - Tell Me (Switch Remix)
09. Spoek - Big Buttt Girl Aka Whale Tail
10. Spank Rock - Rick Rubin (Leg-No Remix)
11. Lil Wayne - A Milli (Nadastrom Remix)
12. Kid Cudi - T.G.I.F. (Feat. Chip The Ripper)
13. Josh Beat and Sanna Hartfield (Leg-No Remix)
14. Spoek - Club Med Max Mode
15. Pase Rock - Lindsay Lohan’s Revenge
16. Sinden ft. Rye Rye - Hardcore Girls Count
17. Blaqstarr ft. Rye Rye - Shake it to the Ground
18. M.I.A. - Bamboo Banga
19. Missy Elliott - Bad Man
20. TygerStyle - Balle Shava (Sinden Remix)
21. Ghetto Mc - Sing For Me
22. Lil Wayne - A Milli (Dj Dstar Remix)
23. The Cool Kids - Black Mags


Bonus mp3: dj kentaro ft. spank rock - free (leg-no remix)


Monday, September 29, 2008

Nick Catchdubs: The In Sound From Way Out!

"I didn't set out to make a rave valentine to the Beastie Boys-it just turned out that way," testifies Nick Catchdubs as he graces XLR8R Podcast listeners with a sweat-drenched, bass-ridden exclusive mix. The Brooklyn-based DJ, who co-founded Fool's Gold Records with A-Trak, drops heaps of tracks here that employ techno samples and drum sounds in the same anything-goes, hodgepodge fashion the Beasties raided old-school soul breaks and Moog records. Staying faithful to his love of new music and original remixes, Catchdubs assembles a diverse collection of tracks (including some fresh exclusives) that delivers an apt gauge of the present dance music scene."

Nick Catchdubs never cease to amaze me with his mixes. Check this mix out for yourself.

01 Hostage "Rooted" (White)
02 The Prodigy "Funky Shit" (XL)
03 DJ Blaqstarr "Bang" (Mad Decent)
04 Tittsworth "Black Dynamite" (T&A)
05 Devone "Energy (Danny Daze Rework)" (White)
06 A-Trak & Laidback Luke "Shake It Down" (Fool's Gold)
07 Tim Dolla "Swing Dat" (Brick Bandits)
08 Mixix The Cat "Freeze (Drop The Lime Remix)" (Trouble & Bass)
09 Trackademicks "Enjoy What You Do (Shadow Dancer Remix)" (Fool's Gold)
10 Martin Brothers "Rocket Science" (dirtybird)
11 Sawtooth Sucka "Radio Check (Johnny Fiasco Mix)" (Dotbleep)
12 Popof "Alcolic" (C2)
13 Nacho Lovers "Acid Life (Surkin Remix)" (Fool's Gold)

Subscribe to this podcast: iTunes or mp3 format. For Help, click here


Sunday, September 28, 2008



"Backpacker" was originally a slang term from the 1980s for a graffiti artist who always wore a backpack containing his music collection and, more importantly, his spraypaint cans, markers, and spray tips. Typically, the music collection would consist only of local underground rap/hip-hop music artists. The sub-genre or sub-categorization of the music means nothing, as long as they are a local unsigned (no recording contract) artist. A backpacker's music selections are based upon three principles: 1) no mainstream, 2) the music is commercially unavailable, and 3) the music was given/sold to them "hand-to-hand" from the originating recording artist. However, these principles eventually became very loose, and soon many people who listened to commercially available underground rap or "indie rap" became known as "backpackers."

The term gradually came to refer to someone with this musical taste, and now has almost nothing to do with graffiti (although certain "backpackers" may participate in graffiti "tagging.")

Many hip-hop listeners from the 1980s and early 1990s believe that since the rise of the Internet has made it easier to acquire music that was once localized, the underground has died along with backpackers and their three main principles, hence this modernized definition incorporating Independent rap/hip-hop music and locality of artists became less useful. Hip-hop listeners of twenty or more years often disagree on the definition of "backpacker" with the new era of listeners who haven't experienced hip-hop without the Internet.

source: wikipedia

Here's a ruff mix that i did entitled "Backpackers Express". Enjoy,


Atmosphere - God's Bathroom Floor
Peanut Butter Wolf - Methods
Adeem - Younger Days
Sage Francis - Climb Trees
Binary Stars - Reality Check
Grouch - The Enchanted
Emanon - The Waiting Room
Sound Providers - The Field
Zion I Feat. Aceyalone - Cheeba Cheeba
Hieroglyphics Feat. Goapele - Make Your Move
Aesop Rock - Daylight
Boac - Thought Bubbles
Crown City Rockers - Training Techniques
Living Legends - Nothing Less

Download: Backpackers Express

Crank Dat Pinoy

This is some classic shit LOLZ... Filipino jail mates dance to soulja boy and MC Hammer.

music video sundays

biz markie - just a friend

travis barker x dj am - fix your face

the pharcyde - passin me by

black sheep - the choice is yours

breakdancing frogbots

tonight i was chillen outside of my house. this frog jumped right infront of me and it just looked at me. like it was a staring contest. crazy part i was listening to this song on my ipod. its a remix by breakbot. real soothing.

Download: Fatlip - Whats up Faitlip(Breakbot remix)

i just had to add another track. also remixed by breakbots.
Download:PNAU vs. Breakbot - Baby


Saturday, September 27, 2008


Questlove(The Roots) live @ Prive, Las Vegas Monday September 29. To commemorate the event, a triple-branded t-shirt will be released on the day of the party. The t-shirt will be available exclusively at UNDFTD Las Vegas.

source: hypebeast

Here's a mix for good measure...

Source: Okay Player


1. “We Live in Philly” by DJ Jazzy Jeff
* From the album The Magnificent (2002)
* Drums by ?uestlove
* Featuring Jill Scott

2. “Geto Heaven (Remix T.S.O.I. [The Sound Of Illadelph]” by Common
* From the album Like Water for Chocolate (alternate version) (2000)
* Drums by ?uestlove
* Featuring Macy Gray

3. “Sometimes” by Bilal
* From the album 1st Born Second (2001)
* Drums by ?uestlove

4. “Lil Big Heads" by J*DaVeY
* From the album The Beauty In Distortion & The Land Of The Lost (2008)
* Co-produced by ?uestlove

5. “Greatdayndamornin'/Booty” by D'Angelo
* From the album Voodoo (2000)
* Drums by ?uestlove

6. “Booty” by Erykah Badu
* From the album Mama's Gun (2000)
* Drums by ?uestlove

7. “Valerie” by Mark Ronson
* From the album Version (2007)
* Drums by ?uestlove
* Featuring Amy Winehouse

8. “Same Shit Different Day Pt. 1” by Jaguar Wright
* From the album Denials Delusions and Decisions (2002)
* Produced by ?uestlove

9. “Loving You” by Carol Riddick
* From the album Larry Gold Presents Don Cello And Friends (2003)
* Produced/drums by ?uestlove

10. “You've Got the Love I Need” by Al Green
* From the album Lay It Down (2008)
* Produced/drums by ?uestlove
* Featuring Anthony Hamilton

11. “Philadelphia Freedom” by The Philadelphia Experiment
* From the album The Philadelphia Experiment (2001)
* Drums by ?uestlove

12. “Endless Railway” by DJ Krush
* From the album Zen (2001)
* Featuring ?uestlove

Download: ?uestlove - The Funky Drummer: Volume One


family reunion

gather up the family. fire up that bbq grill. fill up that cooler with drinks and have a blast with kid sister.

Download: Kid Sister feat. David Banner - Family Reunion

Kid Sister myspace
Fools Gold Recs

A-Trak & The Rub - Sunglasses is a Must Live

I usually don't post mixes or tunes that are worth purchasing but this mix is "SOLD OUT" everywhere. So Im gonna have the link up for for a limited time, honestly by far one of the best party rockin mixes I've heard. Get on it!!!


CD 1:
01. Sucker DJs / Sucker MCs • Peter Piper • One For The Treble • Fly Girl / White Girl • Burn Rubber • Egyptian Rubber (Nick Catchdubs Remix)

02. Flipside • Excuse Me Miss Again • I Just Wanna Love U / Sweet Home Alabama • Touch The Sky / Skew It • Collipark / Hands In The Air • Blow The Whistle • Holla At Me

03. Touch It / Beat Box • Touch It / Technologic / Sippin On Da Syrup / Hustlin • Burn It Down • Starched N Cleaned• I Don't Like The Look Of It • Ridin Dirty

04. A-Trak Routines: Knucklehead Live • Listen To The DJ • Go DJ • What They Gon Do • Postman • Bumpin Bus Stop / 10 Crack Commandments

05. The Red • Be Easy • Daytona 500 / So Seductive • Set It Off / For The Love of Money • I Want You Back • Real Love

06. DWYCK / I Got A Woman • Deep Cover / This Is How We Do / Bitches Ain't Shit • Stunt 101 / Ain't Nothin' Ta Fuck Wit / Method Man • Method Man / Can I Have It Like That • Party & Bullshit 2006 (DJ Soul Remix) • Ghostbusters / Got It Twisted • Got Your Money

CD 2:
01. The Breaks • Let The Rhythm Hit Em (Mashed Up Funk Mix) • It Takes Two • I Know You Got Soul • Apache / Encore

02. Mardi Gras / Lose My Breath / Da Mystery of Chessboxing (David Castillo Remix) • Made You Look (Gringo Starr Apache Remix) • Give It Up, Turn It Loose • Scorpio (Ako re-edit) / Bring the Noise • Applause / Papa Was A Rolling Stone

03. Din Daa Daa / Shake / Situation • Erotic City / Put That Pussy On Me • White Horse / Tell Me When To Go • Lose Control (Nturnal Tracky Break) • Wanna Be Starting Something • I'm Ready / Whoomp There It Is • I Like The Way You Shake That Ass

04. Sunglasses At Night • Sweet Dreams • Bumpin • Miss A (Sneeze Song) • Bojangles • Black Sheep • Stick Em • Move On Up • KryptoClub • Tear The Club Up • Peanut Butter Jelly Time • Sweet Child Of Mine

05. Good Googly Moogly / The Fuck Shop • Any Way You Want It / Planet Rock • Going Back To Cali (Atari & Blackstone Remix) • Chunk Up The Deuce / Electric Kingdom • From The South / Al-Naafiysh • She's Hearing Voices / B.O.B.



Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fool's Gold : Sammy Bananas

Sammy Bananas put together this mix of goodness, complete with some exclusives, to commemorate the tour. His new new EP entitled “Braids & Fades” just dropped on Fools Gold and we suggest you pick it up this instant.


Mstrkrft - Bounce (A-Trak mix)
Gameboy / Gamegirl - Fruit Salad
CSS - Move (Cut Copy remix)
Sammy Bananas - Jock Jam
The Drill - Piano Mano
Laid Back - White Horse (Klaas remix)
Corey Hart - Sunglasses at Night (OCD Automatic mix)
Prince - Cloreen Bacon Skin
Tittsworth - WTF (Sammy Bananas mix)
Bounce Camp - Big Dancin
Treasure Fingers - Cross the Dancefloor (Chromeo Mix)
Kylie Minogue - Love at First Sight (Ruff and Jam 7″ mix)

Download: Sammy Bananas - Overseas Baby European Mix

Bonus: Sammy Bananas - All The Girls


Oct 2nd - Oslo, Norway - The Villa
Oct 3rd - Trondheim, Norway - Supa
Oct 4th - Helsinki, Finland - Top Billin
Oct 9th - London, UK - YoYo
Oct 11th - Nottingham, UK - Market Bar


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

yearbook pictures

thats me in 1982!
yo check out this site i found. its called My Yearbook Pictures. you take a picture of yourself and you upload your picture on their site and you come out looking like the picture above. pretty fun messing around with it. you can also download those pictures on to your computer.

Need Some Motivation?

Here's part 2 of DJ Benzi motivation mixtape featuring Mick Boogie & Neoteric, Hosted by Lil Jon, Actually a good mix to workout to.


001. Lil Jon “Introduction”
002. Biggie Smalls “Juicy (Benzi Refix)”
003. Pitbull & Lil Jon “Krazy”
004. Felli Fel, Ludacris, & Akon “Buck In Here (Villians Remix)”
005. T-Pain “Can’t Believe It (B-Flat Remix)”
006. Chromeo “Fancy Footwork (Crookers Remix)”
007. ATB “Til I Come”
008. David Guetta “Love Is Gone (Mano Remix)”
009. Donnis “Party Works (1 Fish 2 Fish Remix)”
010. Kid Cudi “Day N Nite (B-Flat Remix)”
011. Nacho Lovers “Acid Life”
012. Marvin Gaye “Give it Up (Sizzahands Remix)”
013. Prince “1999 (Rock-It Scientists Remix)”
014. Steve Angello & Laidback Luke “Be (Riz Remix)”
015. Paul Johnson “She Got Me On (Neoteric Edit)”
016. Skepta “Rolex Sweep”
017. Bangers & Cash “Digital Pussy (Kid Color Remix)”
018. The Supremes “Keep Hangin On (Emynd Remix)”
019. John Legend & Andre 3000 “Green Light (Diplo Remix)”
020. Thunderheist “Jerk It (Nacho Lovers Remix)”
021. Surkin & Chromeo “Chrome Knight”
022. Tag Team & Jay-Z “Whoomp There It Is (League Crew Remix)”
023. EPMD “Run It (Sinden Remix)”
024. Thundercatz “3am (Klever Remix)”
025. Busta Rhymes & Chic “Dancing King (Terry Urban Remix)”
026. Treasure Fingers & 6th Sense “Cross The Dancefloor (Curses Remix)”
027. Jelani “Let’s Dance (Durkin Remix)”
028. Kickdrums & Prydz “Love Is A Drug (Apt One Remix)”
029 Mstrkrft & Marky “Bounce (Mansion Remix)”
030. Fly Union “Jackin My Fresh (Mick Boogie Mix)”
031. Idle Warship “Steady”
032. Kardinal Offishall & JDavey “Digital Motown”
033. Kanye West “Homecoming (Discotech Remix)”
034. Fully Fitted “Roll It”
035. Fake Blood “Mars (Player Player Remix)”
036. The-Dream “I Luv Your Girl (Chaise Remix)”
037. Goldrocc & Svelt St. “The Right Way”
038. Rye Rye & Krames “Get Familar”
039. Will.I.Am & Kanye West “Impatient Boy (Benzi Refix)”
040. Clipse “Fast Life (Bird Peterson Remix)”
041. Clipse “When The Last Time (Risk One Remix)”
042. Busta Rhymes & Pharrell “Light Your Ass (Switch Remix)”
043. Earth Wind & Fire “Groove Tonight (Redhead Kingpin & The FBI Remix)”
044. Pilot “Magic (Mykill Remix)”
045. Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz “Deja Vu (Bomberman Remix)”
046. DJ Kool “Keep Making Noise (Nadastorm Remix)”
047. Smoke & Mirrors “Insane”
048. Trackademiks “Enjoy What You Do (Flosstradamus Remix)”
049. Tittsworth & The Federation “Drunk As What (Top Billin Remix)”
050. Enur “Calabria (Deeq Remix)”
051. Groove Armada “Get Down”
052. Bel Biv Devoe “Poison (Gant-man Remix)”
053. 504 Boyz “I Can Tell (Top Billin Remix)”
054. Lil Wayne “The Beat Build (Bird Peterson Remix)”
055. Lil Jon “Outroduction”

Download: Motivation Part.2


Shilo Presents: The Gaslamp Killer

“The Gaslamp Killer sign, seals, and delivers installment number 5 of our We Make It Good Mix series. Made up of weird world psych, hip hop and grunge chopped up seamlessly and then perfectly adhesed to a tough as nails skeleton of chest thumping kick drums, machine gun snares, and deafening bass drops; this is quite different from what we have put out thus far and could only come from the deeply murky mental environs of San Diego’s mostly cloudy turntable destroyer.”

First time I heard of GLK was a couple years ago and my homies were telling me this guy kills it on decks, After buying a couple of his tracks, let me tell you this fool is on some other shit, nice selection of beats with intricate cuts, sometimes i wish i was high listening to this mix.

Download: We Make It Good Mix Series, Vol.5

You can purchase some of his work at Turntable Lab


eeff the industry

not really a big fan of solange. but she got a voice though. along side her on this we got one of my favorite emcees. dude by the name WALE. track produced by DJ GreenLantern.

Download:Solange feat. Wale - F*$! the industry (remix)

solange myspace
wale myspace
dj greenlantern myspace

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

DJ Tameil - Where Is Debonair Samir?

[img]/ nickydigital.com

Here's an essential mix of classic Debonair Samir tunes, including some of the banginest club tracks of all time by your boy DJ Tameil

Download: DJ Tameil - Where Is Debonair Samir?

Bonus: Michael Jackson -P.Y.T. Bmore (DJ Debonair Samir)


p90x day 1

couple of my friends were doing this work called "P90x". they told us if we wanted to try it out. so a couple friends got together and we decided to try it out. dont know what i got myself into man! right now i just got home from day 1 of doing p90x workout. we did chest,back and my favorite the abs. right now im drained. i cant even type right now. we did pretty much basic workouts. i never knew how hard it is to do push ups and pull ups back to back. i seen results from couple friends that went on this work out. my friend used to be fat and all. next time i seen him he lost weight and got muscle. tomorrow is cardio. he said thats gonna be some intense stuff. i know im gonna be feeling it in the morning!!

i cant even think think of anything else right now cus im tired. i cant even scratch my back!

Monday, September 22, 2008

History, Change, & Victory In November

Im not really in to politics but this mix caught my attention.



Intro/Smoked Sugar: I'm A Winner
Roy Davis Jr.: People Get Ready
Jackson 5: We're Almost There (DJ Spinna Remix)
Erykah Badu: Solider (Sasaac Remix)
Masta Ace: Beautifull
Black Spade: We Need A Revolution
Skull Snaps: It's A New Day
Marvin Gaye & The Mizzel Brothers: We Are We Going?
James Brown: Mind Power
Antibals: Si Se Puede
Grandmaster Flash: The Message (Next Message Blend Version)
Dj Day: A Place To Go
Double Exposure: Everyman For Himself
Donald Byrd: Change Makes Ya Wanna Hustle
Stevie Wonder: Blackman (Kay Sputnik Re-Edit)
L.T.D.: Love To The World
Cymande: Bra
Pitbull: American War
The Dynamics: Move On Up

Download:The Obamix


Sunday, September 21, 2008

music videos sundays

wu-tang clan - wu-tang clan aint nothing to fuck wit

tribe called quest - scenario

craig mack - flava in ya ear (remix)

big daddy kane - aint no half steppin


Madlib is a one-man radio station this season: Beat Konducta 5, Jackson Conti, Madvillain Remixes, his BBE joint, Beat Konducta 6 & Guilty Simpson around the corner. Today, J.Rocc guest hosts.

LISTEN: Stones Throw Podcast


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Very Sad News

What a tragic story to wake up to. Travis Barker and DJ AM were critically injured after a small Learjet crashed during takeoff in Columbia, South Carolina. 3 men and 1 women were killed. Travis was taken by ambulance to a burn center in Augusta, GA. DJ AM was airlifted to the same burn center. They are both in critical condition. A spokesperson for the FAA said the Lear 60 was bound for Van Nuys, CA before midnight on Friday with six people on it. Air-traffic controllers reported seeing sparks. They said the plane went off the runway and crashed on a nearby road.

Condolences to the family and friends of the those who lost their lives. Good thoughts to Travis and DJ AM and their families.

News Source

massive monkees

my boy shaun came back for a little vacation. brought back a little present. thanks for the massive monkees shirt!

massive monkees is a crew comin out of seattle. one of my favorite crews! look out for the crazy routines, footworks, dance, the flow, their indivdual styles. man they got it all.

heres a clip from their dvd called 2oh6 step part 2 "SOULED OUT".

coosh/massive monkees event

Friday, September 19, 2008

Mixtape King

Here's a classic mixtape from DJ Neil Armstrong of the mighty 5th Platoon.Neil has been holding down the mixtape game for over a decade now and being Jay-Z's official tour DJ. Talk about doing work son. Big Ups to my Pinoy Brother


01. Mtume, Rappin' Duke - 'If U Don't Know Now You Know'
02. Jeff Lorber Fusion, Bahamadia - 'Crush On You'
03. El Debarge - 'One More Chance'
04. Lou Donaldson, The Roots - 'Another Chance'
05. Isley Brothers - 'Call Neil Big Poppa'
06. Isaac Hayes - 'Warning'
07. The Delphonics - 'Player Haters'
08. Slick Rick, Public Enemy, Busta Rhymes - 'Zulu Nation War Chant' (feat. Betty Wright / Mary Jane Girls)
09. Mark the 45 King, DJ Kool, Marva Whitney - '900 Number'
10. Aja - 'Whose In The House'
11. Taste Or Honey - 'Sad & Blue'
12. Dionne Warwick - 'Mona Lisa Says Goodbye'
13. Gloria Gaynor, Herb Alpert - 'Release Yo Delf'
14. Underdog There, Wu-Tang Clan - 'Nuthin To F*ck Wit'
15. Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band - 'Cherchez Le (Neil)'
16. De La Soul, Aja - 'Eye Know'
17. De La Soul, Hall & Oates - 'Say No Go'
18. LONS, Boz Scaggs - 'Zone Coasting'
19. For The Bitties At Bobs Lounge, Joe Sample - 'W5PS'
20. De La Soul, Michael Jackson, Smokey Robinson - 'Breakdawn'
21. John Leguizamo, Al Green - 'Lets Stay Together'
22. Shalamar - 'For The Player In You'
23. Teddy Pendergrass, BUMS - 'The Door Is Closed'
24. Rick James - 'Mary Jane'
25. Gap Band - 'She's Outstanding'
26. Eric B. & Rakim, Marvin Gaye, Midnight Star - 'Got Me Curious'
27. Eric B. & Rakim, Aaliyah, Cecil Homes, Helix C. - 'It's Been A Long Time'
28. Surface, Kool G Rap, Nas - 'Happy'
29. AZ, Nas, Gap Band - 'Life's A Bitch'
30. Nas, Michael Jackson, Biz Markie - 'It Ain't Hard To Tell'
31. Biz Markie, Steve Miller Band - 'Nobody Beats The Biz'
32. Big Daddy Kane, Heatwave - 'Ain't No Half Steppin'
33. Brand Nubian, Edie Brickell - 'Slow It Down'
34. Queen, Vanilla Ice - 'The Vanilla Cometh'
35. Labi Siffre, Eminem - 'Slim Shady Reps'
36. Dr. Dre, Leon Haywood - 'The Next Episode'
37. Isley Brothers, Ice Cube - 'It's A Good Day'
38. Herb Alpert, Blacksheep - 'Flavor Of The Month'
39. Gang Starr, Public Enemy, Joe Simon - 'U Know My Steez'
40. Maynard Furgeson, Showbiz & AG - 'Next Level'
41. Grace Jones, LL Cool J - 'Doin' It Well'
42. ATCQ, Lou Reed - 'Cause I Can Kick It'
43. Fugees, Roberta Flack - 'Killing It Softly'
44. Heatwave, Nice & Smooth - 'Mindblowing'
45. Partridge Family, Nice & Smooth - 'Hip Hop Junkies'
46. Tracy Chapman, Nice & Smooth - 'Sometimes I Rhyme Slow'
47. Souls Of Mischief, Bobby Cobham - 'From Now Til Infinity'

Download: Original


Thursday, September 18, 2008


so i just finished work! i think i put in 13 hours of work. most of that will go to uncle sam. that bastard.
so im kinda lazy to think of anything.
so heres some random tracks ive been listening to. old or new.

here's a lupe fiasco track. i like that little story telling.
Lupe Fiasco - hip hop saved my life

up next we got murs and 9th wonder. its off of their sweet lord album. its called "its for real". i love this track. makes you feel good. live life and forget the past.
click the link below and look for the song. you can even download their songs individually. cool part its FREE
Sweet Lord
also murs upcoming album " murs for president" dropping sept. 30

Here is City on Fire by Che Grand. this track has that vibe to get me off my seat and go do something. like maybe starting a fire. naw kidding!!!

Che Grand - City on Fire

last but not least a track from Jah-Free. its called Tonight. never really heard of him but the song is cool. find yourself a girl and take her out and hit the town. get a couple drinks and hit the floor.
Jah-Free - Tonight

lupe fiasco myspace
murs myspace
9th wonder myspace
che grand myspace
jah-free myspace

James Pants - Ka$h (Trizzy & XXXChange Remix)

If you haven't heard of James Pants by now, your missing out. Stones Throw just released a new promo mp3 from James Pants’ “Crystal Lite” single, a remix of “Ka$h”, Courtesy of A-Trak and XXXChange. You can download it here for free or purchase the 320 Version and/or Vinyl 12''

Since were on the remix tip here's a couple more remixes for download from A-trak & xxxchange

Kenna - Outta Control (XXXchange & Darko Remix)

The Count & Sinden - Beeper (A-Trak Remix)

PS. Check out James as he treks across the European continent starting next week.


Thu 25 Sep Holland Rotterdam @ WATT
Fri 26 Sep Hungary Budapest @ Merlin
Sat 27 Sep Belgium Antwerp @ Petrol
Sun 28 Sep Spain Barcelona @ Roxy Blue
Wed 1 Oct France Paris @ Batofar
Thu 2 Oct Switzerland Lausanne @ La Romandie
Fri 3 Oct Holland Amsterdam @ Paradiso
Sat 4 Oct Russia Moscow @ 16 Tons Club
Tue 7 Oct UK Cardiff @ Buffalo Bar
Wed 8 Oct UK Bristol @ Golden Lion
Thu 9 Oct UK Edinburgh Limbo @ Voodoo Rooms
Sat 11 Oct UK London Be @ Proud Gallery


Bonus*** UPDATED
xxxchange - Live @ Home Mix

get ya hands up

ok so i was about to head to bed and i found this track by CLP. comin out of berlin. they just released 'ready or not' ep on Boys 'Noize records.

Diplo and DJ Sega adds their touch to this remix. Crazy! guarantee to get the party goin. 

wiz khalifa star power mixtape

Wiz Khalifa - Star Power Mixtape

Download: star power mixtape

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dj Steve1der - NATE IN'08

( Click on picture to download the Mix )


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

some things to keep you entertained

lookin around on youtube and came across this clip. who knew bert and ernie was down with mop!

if you're bored and want to kill some time. check out wordle.net
here's one i made using the tracklist from the previous post and it came out like this.
when i have time ill make my own and post it up.

U-TERN - One Day Later Radio # 42 (Hip House 2008)

U-TERN, one of my most inspiring DJ'S from production to mixes Canada's own U-TERN holds it down without a doubt. This mix is full of current and classic house tunes with rap acapellas. Definitely worth listening to.


Frankie Knuckles vs Pimp C - Baby Wants To Ride
AC Slater vs Trick Daddy - Bassline Time
Soul Grabber vs Trick Daddy - Soul Grabber Pt. 3
Paul Johnson vs Rick Ross - She Got Me On
Franz N Shape vs Rick Ross - Angel Gate
Christian Alvarez vs MIA - Intergalactic Voyager
C-Mos vs T-Pain - 2 Million Ways (Axwell Remix)
Bob Sinclair vs Rick Ross - Everybody Movin'
Sound Factory vs Pitbull - Understand This Groove
Paul Johnson vs Pitbull - Get Get Down
DJ Gregory vs Lil Wayne - Attend
Unknown DJ vs Lil Wayne - Bass Tronic
Voodoo Chilli vs Lil Wayne - Look What You've Done To Me
Rainer Weichhold vs MC Luscious - Bamboo
Pest vs MC Luscious - Pat Pong (Solid Groove Remix)
Kerri Chandler vs Rakim - Bar A Thym
Fred Falke vs Rakim - 8-08pm @ The Beach
Claude VonStroke vs Kool G Rap - The Whistler (Jesse Rose Mix)
The Martin Brothers vs Kool G Rap - Dum
Supermal vs Hotstylz - Bigger Than Big (Lifelike Remix)
The Juan Maclean vs Hotstylz - Happy House
The Juan Maclean vs Pack - Happy House
Soha vs Pack - Gardens
Da Sunlounge vs Ludacris - Do You Wanna
Claude VonStroke vs Ludacris - Whos Afraid Of Detroit
Shur-I-Kan vs Outkast - Vacated
Swirl People vs Outkast - Ride The Pony
Solid Groove & Sinden vs Iconz - Gotta Get Up
Kerri Chandler vs Iconz - Useless
Inland Knights vs Snoop Dogg - Not Crazy
Steve Silk Hurley vs Snoop Dogg - Jack Your Body
KC Flight vs Run DMC - Let's Get Jazzy
EDMX vs Run DMC - Whiskey Lima
Jump vs JVC Force - Funkatarium
Frankie Knuckles vs JVC Force - The Whistle Song
Aly-Us vs Kanye West - Follow Me
B-Capracara vs Kanye West - Flashback 86
I Cube vs Notorious BIG - Oblivion
A Guy Called Gerald vs Jay-Z - Voodoo Ray
Juergen Paape vs Jay-Z - So Weit Wie Noch Nie
Thomas Bangalter vs The Clipse - On Da Rocks

Listen Here,


The Osmonds - One Bad Apple (U-Tern's Bucket Mix)
Download: http://www.divshare.com/download/5370317-eca

love lockdown remix

i came across the original version. i wasn't feeeling it. 
but thanks to flufftronix for the remix!



Sunday, September 14, 2008

Flashing Lights

Flashing Lights Mix #1
DJ Ayres + Nick Catchdubs + Jubilee


Funky Green Dogs - Fired Up (DJ Ayres “Pre Dave Nada” demo edit)
Maurice - This is Acid (Radio mix)
Salt n Pepa vs Wink - Push It Higher (DJ Ayres Crooklyn Clan mash)
Matty C - Sooo Real
Puzique - Don’t Go
Dirty South and Axwell - Open Your Heart
Paul Johnson - Feel My MF Bass
Douster - This Shit (Jim Sharp ‘This is That’ remix)
Alan Braxe - Addicted
A-Trak - Say Whoa (Boys Noize Remix)
Henrik Schwarz, Ame & Dixon - D.P.O.M.B.
Lil Bo Tweak - Dub Be Good
Roland Clark & The Montanas - Music Talking (Fred Falke Remix)
Nacho Lovers - Acid Life (Eli Escobar Remix)
DJ Sega - Brighter Days
Christian Martin - Elephant Fight (Justin Martin’s Jungle Remix)
Claude Von Stroke - Blow The Whistler (Hookerz & Blow Edit)
Jesse Rose & Sinden - Me Mobile (Duckbeats Ringtone Riddim)
Hijack - Party People
Human Resource - Dominator (Hostage Ravemix)
Lil Mama - No Music (Starkey Refix)
Bassbin Twins - Woppa
Rico Tubbs - Born To Bounce
Coki - Spongebob

Download: Flashing Lights Mix #1





Saturday, September 13, 2008

COSMO BAKER - The Funk Doc Chronicles


Redman "Diggy Doc"
Redman "Bobyahed2dis" (Matthew Africa Re-Edit)
Redman "Whateva Man"
Redman "Rockafella" (Remix)
Redman "Tonight's Da Night"
Redman "Funkorama (Double Green Mix)"
D'Angelo "Left & Right feat. Method Man & Redman"
Redman & Method Man "How High"
De La Soul "Oooh feat. Redman"
Redman "How To Roll A Blunt"
Redman "I Don't Kare"
Redman "Rite Now"
LL Cool J "4,3,2,1" feat. Redman, Method Man, Canibus & DMX
Redman "Brick City Mashin'"
Pharoahe Monch "Simon Says"( Remix feat. Lady Luck, Redman, Method Man, Shabaam Sahdeeq & Busta Rhymes)
Redman "Can't Wait"
OG Station Identification Break (Bob James / Mary Jane Girls)
Redman "Tonight's Da Night" (Remix)
Redman "Pick It Up"
Redman "Pick It Up" (Remix)
OG Station Identification Break 2 (Le Pamplemousse / Parliament)
Redman "Blow Your Mind"
EPMD "Head Banger" feat. K-Solo & Redman
Redman "Pick It Up"
Redman & Method Man "How High Part 2"
Me'Shell NdegéOcello "Pocketbook" (Remix feat. Redman)
Erick Sermon "React" feat. Redman
Redman "Rated "R""
Beanie Sigel "One Shot Deal" feat. Redman
Redman "Put It Down"
Redman & Method Man "Da Rockwilder"
Redman "Let's Get Dirty (I Can't Get In Da Club)" feat. DJ Kool
Redman "Let's Get Dirty (I Can't Get In Da Club)" feat. DJ Kool (Filthy Remix)
KRS-One "Heartbeat" feat. Redman & Angie Martinez
Redman "Time 4 Sum Aksion"
Redman & Method Man "Cereal Killer"
OG Station Identification Break 3 (George & Gwen McCrae)
Snoop Dogg "From Long Beach To Brick City" feat. Redman, Nate Dogg & Warren G
Redman "Da Goodness" feat. Busta Rhymes



M.I.A, Switch + Diplo - Takeover BBC Radio 1


Unknown – 'Boeke' (White)
Crookers – 'Burning Spear' (Mad Decent)
Unknown – ‘Untitled’ (White)
Unknown - 'This is Ska' (White)
Busy Signal ft MIA and Rye Rye – 'Tic Toc' (Mia Remix) (Test)
Switch & Rusko 'Untitled' (White)
Benga – '26 Basslines' (Tempa)
Can – ‘Vitamin C’ (United Artists)
Major Lazer - 'I'm an Indian Too' (White)
DJ Mujava – ‘Township Funk’ (This is Music)
Steve Angelo – 'Gypsy' (This is Music)
J Dilla – ‘Oxtapus’
Major Lazer - ‘Lazer Theme’ (White)
Busy Signal – 'Cool It Down' (VP Records)
Black Star – 'Let Me Hump You' (Test)
Isaac Hayes - Ike's Rap II, (Enterprise)
Tame Impala – ‘Remember Me’ (White)



Guerrilla Jazz - Everywhere But Now

Some shit you never heard before, support your local artist.
Album Drops Sunday, September 14.2008


Rapper Big Pooh - Rappers Delight Mixtape


01 Rapper’s Delight f. Chaundon (prod. Nottz)
02 Reality Check f. Big Dho, D. Black & Mykestro (prod. Khrysis)
03 Respect It f. Illa J & Bishop Lamont (prod. J. Dilla)
04 Hands Up f. Chaundon & Roc C (prod. Khrysis)
05 Text Me (Tha Bizness Alllstar Remix) w/ Talib Kweli, Parker Brothaz & Naledge (prod. Tha Bizness)
06 Oh Yeah f. Roscoe Umali & Stylistic Jones (prod. Focus…)
07 Roll Call f. Jozeemo, Chaundon & Joe Scudda (prod. The Co-Op)
08 Dusty f. O-Dash (prod. Nick Speed)
09 Crazy (prod. Khrysis)
10 Geez Like Deez f. Quan (prod. Illmind)
11 Regular Nigga w/ Ab Soul
12 Plastic Cups f. Chaundon & Joe Scudda (prod. J. Dilla)
13 Money f. Frank (of Frank-N-Dank) & O-Dash (prod. Young RJ)
14 Dumb It Down
15 On The Real f. E. Ness & Jozeemo (prod. Khrysis)


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