Thursday, September 18, 2008


so i just finished work! i think i put in 13 hours of work. most of that will go to uncle sam. that bastard.
so im kinda lazy to think of anything.
so heres some random tracks ive been listening to. old or new.

here's a lupe fiasco track. i like that little story telling.
Lupe Fiasco - hip hop saved my life

up next we got murs and 9th wonder. its off of their sweet lord album. its called "its for real". i love this track. makes you feel good. live life and forget the past.
click the link below and look for the song. you can even download their songs individually. cool part its FREE
Sweet Lord
also murs upcoming album " murs for president" dropping sept. 30

Here is City on Fire by Che Grand. this track has that vibe to get me off my seat and go do something. like maybe starting a fire. naw kidding!!!

Che Grand - City on Fire

last but not least a track from Jah-Free. its called Tonight. never really heard of him but the song is cool. find yourself a girl and take her out and hit the town. get a couple drinks and hit the floor.
Jah-Free - Tonight

lupe fiasco myspace
murs myspace
9th wonder myspace
che grand myspace
jah-free myspace

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