Saturday, September 27, 2008


Questlove(The Roots) live @ Prive, Las Vegas Monday September 29. To commemorate the event, a triple-branded t-shirt will be released on the day of the party. The t-shirt will be available exclusively at UNDFTD Las Vegas.

source: hypebeast

Here's a mix for good measure...

Source: Okay Player


1. “We Live in Philly” by DJ Jazzy Jeff
* From the album The Magnificent (2002)
* Drums by ?uestlove
* Featuring Jill Scott

2. “Geto Heaven (Remix T.S.O.I. [The Sound Of Illadelph]” by Common
* From the album Like Water for Chocolate (alternate version) (2000)
* Drums by ?uestlove
* Featuring Macy Gray

3. “Sometimes” by Bilal
* From the album 1st Born Second (2001)
* Drums by ?uestlove

4. “Lil Big Heads" by J*DaVeY
* From the album The Beauty In Distortion & The Land Of The Lost (2008)
* Co-produced by ?uestlove

5. “Greatdayndamornin'/Booty” by D'Angelo
* From the album Voodoo (2000)
* Drums by ?uestlove

6. “Booty” by Erykah Badu
* From the album Mama's Gun (2000)
* Drums by ?uestlove

7. “Valerie” by Mark Ronson
* From the album Version (2007)
* Drums by ?uestlove
* Featuring Amy Winehouse

8. “Same Shit Different Day Pt. 1” by Jaguar Wright
* From the album Denials Delusions and Decisions (2002)
* Produced by ?uestlove

9. “Loving You” by Carol Riddick
* From the album Larry Gold Presents Don Cello And Friends (2003)
* Produced/drums by ?uestlove

10. “You've Got the Love I Need” by Al Green
* From the album Lay It Down (2008)
* Produced/drums by ?uestlove
* Featuring Anthony Hamilton

11. “Philadelphia Freedom” by The Philadelphia Experiment
* From the album The Philadelphia Experiment (2001)
* Drums by ?uestlove

12. “Endless Railway” by DJ Krush
* From the album Zen (2001)
* Featuring ?uestlove

Download: ?uestlove - The Funky Drummer: Volume One

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