Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Shilo Presents: The Gaslamp Killer

“The Gaslamp Killer sign, seals, and delivers installment number 5 of our We Make It Good Mix series. Made up of weird world psych, hip hop and grunge chopped up seamlessly and then perfectly adhesed to a tough as nails skeleton of chest thumping kick drums, machine gun snares, and deafening bass drops; this is quite different from what we have put out thus far and could only come from the deeply murky mental environs of San Diego’s mostly cloudy turntable destroyer.”

First time I heard of GLK was a couple years ago and my homies were telling me this guy kills it on decks, After buying a couple of his tracks, let me tell you this fool is on some other shit, nice selection of beats with intricate cuts, sometimes i wish i was high listening to this mix.

Download: We Make It Good Mix Series, Vol.5

You can purchase some of his work at Turntable Lab

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