Tuesday, September 23, 2008

p90x day 1

couple of my friends were doing this work called "P90x". they told us if we wanted to try it out. so a couple friends got together and we decided to try it out. dont know what i got myself into man! right now i just got home from day 1 of doing p90x workout. we did chest,back and my favorite the abs. right now im drained. i cant even type right now. we did pretty much basic workouts. i never knew how hard it is to do push ups and pull ups back to back. i seen results from couple friends that went on this work out. my friend used to be fat and all. next time i seen him he lost weight and got muscle. tomorrow is cardio. he said thats gonna be some intense stuff. i know im gonna be feeling it in the morning!!

i cant even think think of anything else right now cus im tired. i cant even scratch my back!

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