Sunday, January 11, 2009

NOT how you want it

Just minutes ago, out of curiousity (mostly to see where my photos were being used) I decided to google some of my user names. As I suspected (but still happy about it) "brendanms" search results tracked me down quite a few sites that left me wondering if I deserved a royalty check or not. Then something horrible happened. I decided to search "Flip That Whitey". THIS is what the search returned: "Kikes Flip That Whitey Figuring Out Jews Caused Economic Collapse". The last thing I ever want to see before, during or after my name is some crazy Jewish slur! What the hell?! Talk about taken out of context. Winds up that I stumbled upon some White Pride news blog site... and NO, I will NOT be linking this one. Nazi punks fuck off!


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thats some lols and hahas

guess whos bizzack