Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mos Def Meets Reggae on “Mos Dub” Mixtape

Mashup mixtapes can often feel pretty lazy - take the beat from one song, but the lyrics from another over it, repeat as necessary - but when they work they cab make you look at some of your favorite songs in w whole new light. That's exactly the case with Max Tannone (who also did the Jay x Radiohead "Jaydiohead" project) and his new "Mos Dub" mixtape. By taking some of Mos' most def lyrical cuts and laying them over the finest that dub/reggae/dancehall has to offer, Tannone has definitely made me take a second look at tracks I've had on repeat for years now. Enjoy.

Download links and mixtape preview are below the tracklisting (samples are in parentheses):
1) Johnny Too Beef (Mos Def What's "Beef?" x The Slickers "Johnny Too Bad")
2) History Town (Mos Def & Talib Kweli "History" x Desmond Dekker "007 (Shanty Town)"
3) Ms. Vampire Booty (Mos Def "Ms. Fat Booty" x The Scientist "The Mummy Shroud")
4) In My Math (Mos Def "Mathematics" x The Scientist "Your Teeth In My Neck")
5) Travelin' Underground (Mos Def "Travelin Man" x Lee Perry "Underground")
6) Shroud the Stars (Mos Def "Stars" x The Scientist "The Mummy Shroud")
7) Mr. Universe (Mos Def "Universal Magnetic" x The Observer All-Stars "Mr. D. Brown Skank")
8) Summertime Running (Mos Def "Summertime" x King Tubby & Errol Thompson "Running Dub")
9) Kampala Truth Work (Mos Def "Tell the Truth" x Dub Specialist "Kampala")
10) Hurricane Black (Mos Def "Katrina Clap" x Third World All Star "Black Moon")

Download: Mos Dub Mixtape

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