Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rest In Peace ~ RAMMΣLLZΣΣ

If you've ever written graffiti, looked at graffiti, questioned graffiti, tried to unlock graffiti, watched Wild Style or Styles Wars, then RAMMΣLLZΣΣ has entered your mind before. Although slept on by many moderns, RAMM was a major pillar in the early days of hip hop. I will not pretend I could even attempt to sum him up in this little blip. I encourage you all to do a bit of research a man that helped shape wild style. Although I've never had the grace of meeting him before, he's touched some people close to me. His loss is felt hard. Rest in peace while you will always live on in hearts.
Rammellzee & Rock Steady Crew from Wild Style

Style Wars in it's entirety.

StyleWars from stylewars on Vimeo.

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