Friday, August 13, 2010

Maluca - China Food Mixtape FREE

"Continuing with our weekly mixtape giveaways we present you with Maluca - "China Food", mixed by me. This is the brain child of Maluca for us to create a biographical trilogy (Past, Present and Future), if you will, of her musical influences and own music. First starting with where Maluca is coming from, early influences ( Playero Music ) and early songs (Big Bad Bangs), next, we move on to where she's at, current influences ( Mambo de Calle, Gaga Music ), current songs ( Jungle Violento, Flourescent Beige ) and finally where she's going influences ( Dutch House, Vogue/Ballroom House ), songs ( Loca, Hector ). With original production from amazing producers Oliver Twizt, Mumdance, Ruckazoid, Kevin Seaton, Marcus Price and one wack one, Me. I'm pretty positive what you're about to hear, new song or old will be 99percent new to your ears. So where Maluca goes from here I don't know, but what i do know is that shes so talented, beautiful and crazy that I'll be watching and listening closely the whole way."
via Mad Decent
Download: Maluca- China Food Mixtape

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